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    • 7 SEO Secrets Your Webmaster Won't Tell You

      Put 10 search engine optimization consultants in a room and ask them how to optimize your site. You’ll get 10 different answers. So, how do you separate fact from fiction when implementing an SEO program to raise your rankings on Google and other search engines?

    • 9 Ways to Squeeze More ROI Out of Your Shopping Cart

      Marketers have developed quite a bag of promotion and coupon tricks to get consumers to spend more at the checkout counter or when mailing in the order form. The good news for online retailers is that modern e-commerce software lets them easily adapt these proven promotional techniques to an online environment to lift average order sizes, revenues and profits.

    • 7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Implementing an eCommerce System (and One Good Answer to Each)

      Implementing an eCommerce website is an ambitious undertaking even with the right software -- and virtually impossible without it. An increasing number of software vendors are offering a wide array of different eCommerce solutions that marketers can use to add online shopping capabilities to their web sites. But which eCommerce solution is right for your business?

    • 10 Ways Integrated Analytics and Web CMS Can Improve Website Performance and ROI

      Learn how a natively integrated Web Analytics solution can help marketers improve content on every page through more accurate user data and more informed decision making.

    • Understanding Your Users Leads to Online Marketing Success

      Marketers have greater control than ever over their brand's online channel activities. With this newfound responsibility also comes increasing pressure to prove the effectiveness of their online strategies. Stuck frequently with disparate collections of software support solutions that don't work well together, marketers often struggle with critical missions such as understanding users, driving customers to their websites and showing results. This online marketing guide demonstrates how to identify, engage and understand your users so the likelihood that you will achieve online marketing success increases.

    • Increase Online Conversions

      Giving potential customers the information they actually want is one of the most effective ways to grab their attention in today’s fragmented media landscape. With the right tools in place, once you have a visitor’s interest, it becomes easier to guide individual website experiences, and boost online conversion.

    • Top 10 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

      Digital Content is everywhere – your website, blogs, social media outposts, and every mobile device imaginable. And with customers and prospects radically adjusting to this wealth of information, companies are investing in developing digital content like never before. Despite their efforts, however, these same companies often miss valuable opportunities because they lack a well-rounded content marketing strategy.
      This new whitepaper from Bridgeline Digital identifies the top 10 steps to building a content marketing strategy that you can execute within your company in an effective and timely manner.

    • The Three T's of Modern Marketing: Team, Technology, Tools

      A new digital marketing landscape is beckoning - how can you be sure you’re prepared? With the simultaneous explosions of mobile, social networking, wi-fi and constant connectivity, we’re creating a world that constantly offers more, with more selection, more options, and more more than ever before. More than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared weekly on Facebook alone - certainly the fastest growing of the social platforms, but definitely not the only one. It’s simply not enough to call this digital landscape “Modern Marketing” anymore.

    • Transitioning from Traditional Sales Methods to an eCommerce Strategy

      According to a recent survey Bridgeline Digital conducted, 51.2% of businesses claim to already support an eCommerce strategy, or just little more than half. If you’re on the side that’s still waiting to get started, consider this: online retail revenue in the United States is being forecasted to increase to $327 billion by 2016 – up 45% from $226 billion this year, and up 62% from $202 billion in 2011[i]. From what you should expect, to what you should avoid - this download provides all the information needed to ensure a smooth transition for your company.

    • Google and Search Optimization Dilemma

      With all of the hubbub about Google’s latest updates, we’re betting that you’re pulling your hair out just trying to keep track of which animal is up (I know we at Bridgeline sure are).

      Take a look at our latest offering, “Google and the Search Optimization Dilemma,” to get a breakdown of the direction SEO may be heading as a result of the changes.

    • Digital Clarity Group - Assessing and Improving Your Customer Engagement Maturity

      Author: Cathy McKnight, Partner, Principal Analyst
      In this exclusive offering from Bridgeline Digital, Digital Clarity Group analyzes and defines the strategies and technologies businesses need to foster dynamic customer relationships. Through DCG's Customer Engagement Maturity Model, companies can assess and adapt their technologies, business processes, and skills to stay relevant to their customers. Ultimately, the optimal level of customer engagement maturity is reached when customers become advocates and defenders of their brand and products.

    • The Definitive Guide to Corporate Blogging for Marketers

      The benefits are real. The reward is lucrative.
      So why, exactly, aren't you blogging on your company's website?
      Blogging. For one contingent of marketers, pumping out posts on the company blog is their favorite part of the day; an opportunity to muse about industry news, highlight their product, and release creative fuel that is otherwise bottled up. For other marketers, blogging is the chore in the way of getting “more important” work accomplished. In other words, writing daily posts is an endless nuisance, like listening to “The Song That Never Ends.”

    • Exclusive Whitepaper - Healthcare Websites: What is Your Webside Manner?

      How Are Your Visitors Experiencing Your 'Webside' Manner?

      Think about the websites you frequent most often. Is the content easy to read, frequently updated, and easy to find? Seeing your site through the eyes of a patient may seem hard - maybe even a little impractical. You might be a little (or a lot) scared about what content you may find out there, but this is an opportunity to present your valuable resources in a vastly different light.

      This whitepaper contains some common practices that the healthcare industry can execute more effectively, and examples - with results - that can lead you on the path to success.

    • 10 Reasons iAPPS Content Manager Should Be On Your CMS Shortlist

      iAPPS Content Manager is the premier business marketing solution to drive Digital Engagement in the CMS marketplace. iAPPS Content Manager allows businesses to personalize their online interactions with customers in an increasingly digital world. The solution combines business purpose and end-user context to attract customers, deliver compelling content, and optimize conversion rates.

    • Digital Clarity Group - Addressing the Midmarket’s Requirements for Customer Experience Management

      Tim Walters, Ph.D., Partner, Principal Analyst Coined “America’s critical growth engine,” there are about 200,000 midmarket companies in the United States, defined by having annual revenue of $10 million to $1 billion. But midmarket companies rarely have resources for in-house designers, usability experts, or large IT teams – let alone the emerging skills required for Customer Experience Management, which are reflected in the advent of such job roles as social engagement strategist, marketing technologist, and “big data” analyst.

    • Solving The Omni-Channel Puzzle

      Retailers have come to realize the channel customers use to make purchases does not matter. A sale is a sale, commerce is commerce -- whether it derives from a physical storefront, website, social media presence, email campaign or mobile website. Tracking all of the sale influencers is cumbersome. What really matters is consistency across the brand to capture that sale, no matter where the customer is.

    • Strength in Numbers : 3 Reasons Franchises Should Deploy Websites for Each Of Its Locations

      According to Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam Team, “If you want your [franchise] store pages to be found, it’s best to have a unique, easily crawlable URL for each store [franchisee].” As this is coming directly from Google, we recognize the importance of their recommendation in terms of Digital Strategy. This is why we created a Whitepaper addressing the benefits of why franchisees and local dealers should possess their own website in order to effectively attract, engage, and market their customers.

    • 10 Essential Features Your Franchise or Multi-Unit Organization's Web Platform Needs

      Learn about the online marketing capabilities that will help your organization thrive!

      Multi-Unit organizations face many challenges in the digital age. Chief among them is how to effectively market their national brand at a local & hyper-local level.

    • How to Overcome the Top 5 Pain Points of eCommerce

      Online shopping will eclipse $1.5 trillion in 2014. Understand (and conquer!) the challenges facing your web store.

      eCommerce is no longer an "emerging business channel." Not when nearly half of all Global Internet users (or well over one BILLION people) have purchased something online.