What happens when you empower customers with one easy-to-use, end-to-end digital marketing platform? Happiness.

    iAPPS offers best-in-industry online sales and marketing tools, due in part to integration between Web Content Management, marketing, and analytics modules.

    Tony White
    Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
    Ars Logica


    "The team at Bridgeline has always been a dependable extension of our own technology group. And with the added benefit of iAPPS, we now have a best of breed Web management platform to further improve the technology portfolio we can provide to financial advisors."

    Marypat Ganley
    First Vice President of Business Development
    Cadaret, Grant

    "We've managed our public site SunChemical.com within the iAPPS Cloud infrastructure for a couple of years now. Developing and updating our site content and email marketing campaigns with the iAPPS product modules has been extremely efficient, and the overall benefit of not having to worry about managing a server environment and all the added work that goes along with that, such as updating software patches, has been a huge plus."

    Geoff Smith
    Corporate Marketing Manager
    Sun Chemical Corporation

    "With iAPPS, we are able to focus on executing our business model. The integrated content management and analytics capabilities help the team publish content and measure effectiveness in ways that deliver tremendous value."

    Mike Gavelek
    General Manager

    "Both iAPPS and the Bridgeline team impressed us immensely. Their experience in developing complex websites and applications for financial services, along with the capabilities of iAPPS, made them the right choice for our redevelopment efforts."

    Rose Cahill
    Vice President of Marketing
    Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts

    "The Bridgeline team has acted like a virtual extension of the NCM team. They have delivered a superior overall solution for us throughout the course of our multi-year relationship. The iAPPS platform provides outstanding capabilities and, overall, the NCM website has met or exceeded our objectives and is well positioned to continue to support the Museum through our opening and beyond."

    Ariel Moyer
    Director of Communications and Public Affairs
    National Children's Museum

    "The Bridgeline team truly delivered on their promise of an interactive technology solution. They engaged with us at the beginning of the process to identify, in the context of the website, the best opportunities for growth in terms of new customer acquisition, customer retention, and cross-selling activities. Their ability to integrate our four divisions on iAPPS gives us a new tool-set to easily and more effectively promote targeted products and services across divisions. By taking our website to the next level, we can better communicate and engage with our online customers and community members."

    Fedelina Madrid
    Vice President of Marketing
    Berkshire Bank

    "There are a lot of difficulties retailers have with being on the Web. They don't have the time, the money or the experience that it takes to produce a truly valuable consumer Web experience. Shaw Web Studio was designed to give them these tools and be extremely easy to use. Because flooring retailers are experts in their areas, it is important for them to be able to localize the information on their websites, and with iAPPS, this is easily accomplished by changing the content on a site or by adjusting keywords and metatags."

    Misty Hodge
    Web Services Manager
    Shaw Flooring

    "Bridgeline came to the table with a comprehensive application that makes sense for EverBright Energy, both for the brand's inception as well as for its long-term growth. That the iAPPS Product Suite unifies Content Management, e-Commerce, e-Marketing, and Analytics capabilities in one place will help my team become more efficient and productive."

    Kevin Ritter
    Director of Mass Marketing
    EverBright Energy

    "iAPPS is the best overall platform for sub-$1 billion companies seeking a synergistic pre-integration of robust Web Content Management, analytics, and eCommerce functions."

    Tony White
    Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
    Ars Logica

    "The addition of iAPPS will enable us to provide large-scale organizations content management technology that meets the most complex integration, reporting, and need for flexibility, at only of a fraction of the cost of other platforms on the market."

    Dennis Challe
    Infinity Technology

    "The synergies that accrue to an integrated suite of this kind, iAPPS easily double or triple its overall value in terms of product performance, decreased long-term integration costs, and staffing requirements."

    Tony White
    Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
    Ars Logica

    "iAPPS is a -- if not the -- market leader in both functionality-to-price ratio and ease-of-use."

    Tony White
    Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
    Ars Logica

    "The addition of Bridgeline’s iAPPS Product Suite strengthens our capabilities and allows us to continue to offer the industries’ best products to our clients."

    Mark Atwood
    President and CEO
    Paragon Consulting

    "While iAPPS' Web Content Management module positions it against other mid-market WCM applications, its eCommerce and analytics functionality pits it against leaders in the eCommerce market such as ATG."

    Tony White
    Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
    Ars Logica

    "iAPPS offers best-in-industry online sales and marketing tools, due in part to integration between Web Content Management, marketing, and analytics modules."

    Tony White
    Founder and Lead CMS Analyst
    Ars Logica

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