YSI Inc.

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The Challenge:

YSI has been operating as a leading provider of water monitoring solutions since 1948. As part of the Xylem Brand family, YSI provides professionals with reliable instruments and systems for surface water, wastewater, groundwater, aquaculture, laboratory and Life Sciences applications.

YSI’s marketing team understood a key to maintaining – and expanding - its presence in a niche market required a website that could offer visitors an engaging, mobile-friendly experience. Additionally, YSI wanted to expand its footprint and reach by offering its products online.

While the goals made sense, the legacy system powering its website comprised of outdated technology and thus precluded YSI’s marketing team from transforming its web experience.

The Solution:

Handicapped by outdated software, with limited capabilities for flexibility and improvements, YSI sought a solution that could pair web content management with best-in-class eCommerce capabilities, ultimately serving its online community with a dramatically improved online experience.

YSI engaged with Bridgeline Digital to develop their next-generation website on its iAPPS Digital Engagement platform. To meet the lofty goals of YSI’s initiative, Bridgeline’s award-winning design and development team delivered a website that is optimized for mobile devices through the use of responsive design, a coding methodology that triggers web content to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device a visitor is using to access a page.

The innovative eCommerce features in iAPPS empower YSI’s marketing team to easily manage its online catalog. With the platform’s pre-integrated enterprise search capabilities, YSI can intuitively index content and tag products to help site visitors easily find the information and products they are looking for.

The website also provides visitors with an array of customer service features throughout the shopping experience, including product brochures, specs, video tutorials, cross-selling features, and more.

The Results:

In just a four month window since launching their new website, YSI has seen the positive metrics that indicate strong Return On Digital Investment (RODI) for years to come. “We are very excited about the launch of our new website,” said Peter Bornhorst, Ecommerce Manager at YSI Inc. “The new design, coupled with the end-to-end eCommerce functionality, offers current and prospective customers an engaging, mobile-friendly web experience that will help grow our business and improve our overall presence online.” 

The results are definitive. To no surprise, the responsively designed website has helped draw a 33% improvement in mobile traffic. That’s a given. However, the lower bounce rate, combined with visitors spending 30% more time on the site per session, means the revamped experience is working.

What’s most telling though? The returning visitors. The new site doesn’t just attract current and prospective customers, it engages visitors to the point that they are coming back to learn more. And in a niche market, the ability to captivate your ideal buyer persona is pivotal to ongoing success.